Joanna-headshotMy name is Joanna Fantozzi and I am a lifestyle journalist. I am always on the lookout for unique  stories that go beyond the sensationalism, grit, and grind of everyday headlines. Whether it is a map of segregation in New York public schools published in a local newspaper that was picked up by New York 1, or an investigative piece on corruption in the olive oil industry, my work can best be described as reporter by trade, and storyteller by practice.

You can also find my stories in the style section of The New York Times, the Eats or TV sections of The New York Daily News, The Daily Meal, the New York-based features website Narratively, and INSIDER’s food and travel sections.

I was trained at the CUNY Graduate School of Journalism, where I had experience in creating and editing large-scale multimedia projects, and also dabbled in radio journalism, where several features that I wrote and produced were broadcasted on WGXC and WHCR radio in upstate New York.

Contact me at fantozz2@gmail.com